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I offer Translation, Revision and Machine Translation Post-Editing services in the following areas of expertise:

Life Sciences 



Clinical research





The art of translation is to render the meaning of a text accurately and objectively in a different language while ensuring it is fit for its target audience in terms of style, register and tone. Documents aimed at a researcher, a medical device operator or patients will have to be handled differently. 

Each translation is carefully proofread before delivery. For an added price, your translated document can be revised or proofread by an independent qualified linguist. This service is recommended if your translation is designed to be published.

Revision and Proofreading

Revision involves comparing the source and target texts for any errors and editing the target text accordingly. The translated document is then thoroughly checked for cohesion, clarity, structure, formatting, typos and grammatical errors.

Proofreading is the careful reading (and rereading) of a document, to detect any errors in syntax, spelling, punctuation, grammar and typography. Editing takes this process one step further by also paying attention to the style of the text and amending it if necessary. When proofreading or editing a translated document, the target text is NOT compared against the source text.

Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE)

Machine Translation (MT), also referred to as Automated Translation, is the use of a specialised software to translate text or speech from one language to another. As translation software are becoming more sophisticated, this approach to translation is proving increasingly popular. However, any MT output will have issues, no matter how advanced the software, and should never be used as the final text.


The post-editor is responsible for reviewing the MT output, correcting errors and creating the final text. A successful post-editor has a good understanding of MT technologies and a eye for the sort of errors generated by automated translation. I am trained and experienced at Machine Translation Post-Editing.

Examples of documents handled

  • Instructions for Use

  • Drug leaflets

  • Product data sheets

  • Product specifications

  • User manuals

  • Technical brochures

  • Field safety notices

  • Clinical study reports

  • Research protocols

  • Patient consent forms

  • Patient information leaflets

  • Health questionnaires

  • Marketing authorisations

  • Academic articles and abstracts

  • Programmes of meetings

  • Press releases

  • Newsletters​

  • Course materials

  • Website content



Prices vary according to the service required, the technical complexity of the source text, the layout and formatting requirements and how urgent the work is. Please refer to the Translation - Getting it right guide published by the Institute of Translation and Interpreting to help you make an informed choice when buying translation or related services.

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